Ajit Varma

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1955 Born at Banasthali, Jaipur, Rajasthan

1979 Dip. in Painting, The Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University of Baroda


2012 Solo show at Akruti Art Gallery BARODA  

2012 Solo show at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan AHMEDABAD

2012 Group show at Art Gallery, Fine Arts Faculty, MSU, BARODA

2013 Solo show at Banasthali Vidyapith, Banasthali

2013 Group show at Jawahar Kala Kendra, JAIPUR

2013 Solo show at Jawahar Kala Kindra, JAIPUR

2013 Group show Hathee Singh Visual Art Gallery, AHMEDABAD

2013 Group show at Art Gallery, Fine Arts Faculty, MSU, BARODA


Exhibitions (Upcoming)

2013 Group show at Sanskar Kendra, AHMEDABAD (April)

2013 Group show at Jawahar Kala Kindra, JAIPUR (May)



1977 Multiple large cement casted murals along with traditional JAIPUR FRESCO & clay work at Shree Ram Krishna Ashram RAJKOT (under guidance of PROF KG SUBRAMANYAN & SHRI GYARSILAL VARMA)

2003 sand cast & cement cast murals in VADODARA

2005 TERRACOTTA mural on occasion of Prof Mahendra Pandya’s 80th birthday camp

2006 ITALIAN FRESCO on 10'x20' exterior wall

GUM TEMPERA FRESCO in huge dome GOLD Work in Fresco in AMDAVAD

2008 Porcelain Murals on ceiling AMDAVAD

2009 Porcelain art panels AMDAVAD


2012 Donated a collection of 35 oil paintings to Shree Krishna Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Karamsad



1990 to 2005 designed artwork for Gujarat's leading export house & associated European &     African companies

Designed a theme base interior and exterior design for shop as well as home in Baroda and Ahmedabad.



India, US, Australia, Hong Kong & African continent


Few words by my Mentor


Ajit G Varma, alumnus of Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda, comes from a traditional artist’s family. His father Gyarsilal Varma, a master of mural techniques, was an old associate of mine and collaborated with me on various mural projects. His skills and dedication were exemplary.

Ajit too has technical side to his talent and has worked in various media – screen printing, modeling, mural design and ceramics.

He has been busy painting on canvas the last few months and his exhibition bring together some of these works. They are colorful and often crazy, collages of human figure and features. They show, in his own description, the truth of life; each one read life differently, its component and complexities. They are bound to intrigue and excite interested art viewers.

- Prof K G Subramanyan, 2012



About me and my paintings

I am proud to have legacy, which very few people have. My grandfather Shri Kanaiyalal Varma possessed unique skills of fresco art, my father Shri Gyarsilal Varma was professor at Paintings and Mural Department of Faculty of Fine Arts, M S University, Vadodara and so I have inherited their art since childhood, in addition to that I got guidance about art from Shri K G Subramanyan during my education in Fine Arts, MSU.

And so in my paintings there is influence of my teacher Shri K G Subramanyan’s composition and influence of the great artist Picasso’s color composition during my education can be seen in my paintings.

I do not let any grief or sorrow to distress me and so the figures, the subject, the composition and the color scheme in my paintings are always joyful. I have displayed 5 paintings in this class.


Studio: 78, 2nd Floor, BEI Compound, Bh. L & T Dialysis Centre, Chhani Road, Vadodara, Gujarat, INDIA

Postal Add: Ajit Varma, G1-422 Fatehgunj Camp, Sadar Bazaar, Dhobi Street, Vadodara Gujarat, INDIA

Cell: +91 927 434 1444